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I have been involved with marketing for nearly 30 years. Ask me anything. If I can help I will surprised. Dad of two. Husband.

Digital Marketing Trends For the 21st Century

Digital Marketing Trends

Today, there are many digital marketing trends that you should look out for. With the introduction of new gadgets and accessories like mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, we all know what the world is now into. It has become a global village in which all products, services and companies are …

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What Is a Nurture Campaign?

Nurture Campaign

The term “nurture campaign” is probably the most important word in a professional marketing consultant’s vocabulary. Nurture campaigns are an effective method of consistently building a relationship with consumers and potential clients through different digital channels. A good lead nurturing campaign, however, is generally designed to build your database and …

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Make More Money with Content Marketing Automation

Content Marketing Automation

Content marketing automation involves writing a lot of articles, submitting them to different article directories, creating content that is relevant to a particular website and linking it back to a particular website. Automated content is written using a template that contains links to all the websites that the content has …

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Making Content Syndication Work for You

Content Syndication

Content syndication, also referred to as blogging, is a way of republishing content on numerous other sites in order to target a wider audience. While most people understand the need for content syndication, few actually know exactly what it means. However, if you are syndicating your own content to a …

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Online Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Marketing Tools for Small Business

Online marketing tools for smaller business are really hit or miss. These amazing tools are fun because they offer your company services at a reasonable price and give you a myriad of options for you to use. But over time, you’ll find that most online marketing tools aren’t very effective …

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Selling to Millenials

Selling to Millenials

With the economy being in a slump and with people being worried about the future, selling to millenial is not as easy as it was before. With people spending less time working and more time with their families, the amount of things they buy is very much on the rise. …

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The 80/20 Rule In Business

80/20 Rule in Marketing

The 80/20 rule is an old concept that has been around for many decades. However, it is only recently that marketers are making good use of the idea to their advantage. Practicing the 80/20 Rule, applying the rule to your marketing campaigns can make a world of difference. Making use …

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