Five Secrets For Successful Remote Business Meetings

The remote meeting is a very popular and convenient aspect of business running for all global brands. Indeed, technology has made it easy for companies to keep their workflow smooth irrespective of where their employees are. However, there are certain challenges too. 

To overcome them, you can follow these five strategies here. You can hold your remote meetings on a good platform like Klaxoon for better reliability, connectivity, and features.

Use The Right Meeting Platform

One of the crucial aspects of holding a remote meeting is using the right platform. Try to use a meeting platform that is feature-rich, so that it can meet all your meeting requirements. It must have basic features like a strong, secure, and quick connection to hold a long meeting with many members at once. 

It is prudent to familiarize yourself, and employees must accustom themselves to the platform so the meeting can go smoothly. It helps the users to keep engaged during the meeting.

Contribution Of All Users

In a remote meeting, engaging all users at once can be quite challenging. As a measure, you can ask questions, arrange quizzes, and let members vote on different issues. Make sure everyone gets a chance to voice his or her opinion and contribute.

One more thing you can do is create a team communication charter. This will prevent them from talking over each other and creating chaos. You should also encourage safe dialogue for everyone.

Maintain Proper Etiquette

Conducting remote meetings with a large group is quite difficult. Without a proper planning decorum in place, the meeting space can get chaotic very quickly. Not everyone may get a chance to speak, and hence, the meeting may fail to achieve the objective.

Therefore, set up a few guidelines and inform your meeting members beforehand. These rules can include:

  • Do not use your phone while others are presenting
  • Keep microphone muted until you speak
  • Do not speak over others
  • Keep other applications closed on PC
  • Maintain good internet connectivity

Pre-Plan The Meeting

The success of a remote meeting depends largely on its planning. As a measure, you can create a detailed and clear plan for the meeting. Decide on the objective of the meeting discussion. Forward this agenda to your meeting members beforehand so they can prepare themselves.

Planning beforehand helps to reach the objective easily and makes the discussions more goal-oriented. Let the employees brainstorm ideas and fully utilize the time of the meeting. Once the meeting is over, send follow-ups to all the attendee members.

Invite The Right People

To keep your meeting discussions productive, it is wise to invite only the members related to the matter. Inviting unrelated members will waste time and energy and affect their productivity as well. Therefore, decide who the related people on the matter are.

You should assign roles and expectations of the attendees in advance and inform them. This helps to have clear communication, better idea sharing, and better decision-making.

In addition, try to keep your meetings fun, so the meeting members are more enthusiastic to contribute.

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