Getting Started with Free Blogging Platforms

If you’re looking to get started as a blogger of any sort, one of the best ways to do so is via free blogging platforms. Sure, at some point you will want to migrate all the content to a paid domain, ideally, but that’s something which will reveal itself as to how to go about doing it, if and when the need arises.

For instance, you might get a consistent stream of traffic to your dot-blogspot blog (, which you might even be monetising via the platform’s AdSense programme. In that case then seeking to perhaps register a domain name without the dot-blogspot extension would really be something of a cosmetic decision as opposed to a technical one. Just make sure you have a backup of the content, which is the most important piece of the blogging puzzle.

The WordPress platform also includes a powerful administration area (Dashboard) for maintenance, easy-to-use content posting, and an overview of what’s happening on your blog. The WordPress CMS allows you to create a blog site from scratch in minutes.

If you want to start a self-hosted blog, the downloadable version of WordPress is a great option with full flexibility, support for third-party plugins, and the amount of storage your hosting plan allows. With, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want with your blog, even include your podcast episodes with easy-to-use widgets and plugins – just make sure you choose the right podcast hosting platform. If you want to blog as a hobby, most free platforms will do.

You need to consider whether you want to use a website builder, a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, or just be able to write blog posts through a platform like Medium. The blogging platform you choose can have a huge impact on your overall content marketing strategy, so choose wisely.

If you want to avoid the stress of starting and maintaining your own blog, Medium can be the right platform for online publishing. Unlike most other free blogging sites, Medium’s big advantage is that your articles will be available to a wide audience, as Medium has 60 million readers per month (and more every year). You can also publish your site and repost some posts on Medium to take advantage of Medium, just like any syndication agreement. In short, LinkedIn only works as a platform where you can get famous and that makes LinkedIn one of the best free blogging sites among free blogging sites.

The main disadvantage of free sites is that you don’t have your own domain name for your blog. If you are new to blogging, then WordPress hosting is unlikely to be the right choice for you. Because you need to purchase hosting and install the WordPress software itself, it’s more difficult than some of the other free blogging platforms where you just need to sign up for an account and start writing. Unlike most of the other blogging platforms on this list, is not a complete blogging platform solution. is a self-hosted solution that provides only the software you need to actually create your blog.

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