Importance of Artworks in Healthcare Designing

Art and science for the longest time have been depicted as two contrasting disciplines. This idea has imposed strong challenges to the discussions of the impact of art on medicine, a fundamental scientific area. However, in the last decades, the awareness regarding the influence of art on healthcare facilities has improved. Some of the immediate action plans have brought about effective changes in the form of visual impacts and mental wellbeing. Art for healthcare facility has given hospitals and other health centers a softer, and warmer home-like atmosphere. Many healthcare facilities have incorporated art in various clinical departments including inpatient, outpatient, pediatric, senior living, and behavioral health, and as a welcome distraction even for the families and staff.

Art as the depiction of the Nature

The major focus of health care centers is to incorporate the benefits of Nature through artworks that bring a positive impact on a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing. Most hospitals these days use cutting-edge architectural design, however, home-based furnishing is popular. From poster art of waterfalls, and mountains to high-end sculpture art for healthcare facility depicts environmental sustainability as well as represents health centers as uplifting and more harmonious to the staff and patients. 

Different art forms as health center furnishings 

Art represents the place being served which is true in the case of health centers as well. A specific type of art is generally used for a specific health facility, for instance, the senior living facility is designed mainly with an antique and older form of artwork that adds a vintage look to the place whereas some modern hospitals prefer the use of modern arts, abstract works with a contemporary touch more than the traditional style. Moreover, the mediums and colors also play significant roles. Starting from paintings on canvas, ceramic, and metal walls to mixed medium pieces and a range of dynamic color palettes with softer beige, and deeper green is the new trend.

Benefits of art in health care facilities 

A plethora of research surveys still date has time and again proved the significance art can bring to the field of medicine in terms of improvement strategies for the people involved in the healthcare industry. Some of the major benefits include-

Stress reduction

In the senior and juvenile facilities where acute depression and stress dominance is the major menace, artwork has been used as an effective tool to bring relaxation and stress reduction.

Warm environment 

Health care facilities are mostly gloomy and dark in appearance. However, the use of modern architectural design and art creates an uplifting atmosphere. Often times use of vibrant colors can bring a conducive environment beneficial for mental wellbeing.

Increased productivity 

Artwork in the hospitals is not only destined for the physical, mental, and emotional uplifting of patients but also for the member of hospitals and staff. This significantly increases the outcome and quality of work and helps employees to pursue their work more diligently.


Hospitals with a proper design framework definitely come with a lot of benefits but it also requires a periodic refreshment. There are numerous art consultancy agencies these days that provide unique and proficient framing skills and art for healthcare facilities.

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