Marketing Your Website Beyond SEO

You probably think you have everything you need to create a successful website: your domain, web hosting, logos, design and more.

How about web analytics?

Statistics are important when it comes to understanding your potential customers. Plus, if you understand your customers, it’ll help you make better decisions.

For example, you can decide how to schedule posts to increase engagement.

Let’s say you had three goals: increase engagement, increase visitor acquisition, and improve your conversion rate.

Here’s the breakdown of how you could do that:


Using email marketing for newsletter delivery can increase your engagement. The first email you send for a new newsletter is the perfect one to initiate a conversation. You can build a relationship with your visitors.

Remember: keep your readers engaged.

Here are some tips:

Avoid communicating more than once per week.

Write engaging content that will attract people to visit your blog.

Use engaging marketing tactics to get them to visit.


You’re no expert in conversion, but you can develop an idea of what works for your website. Use Google Analytics to understand your visitors.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Longer websites get more conversions.

It’s not a matter of length.

People scroll, so if you’re not engaging the page, they won’t scroll past it.

And, it’s not about having better copy.

As a general rule, you don’t need fancy copywriting for traffic increases.

Click tracking shows that visitors use different parts of your website.

That means, even if you make copywriting attractive and engaging, you still have to understand how users use the website to make conversions.

Consistency is important. You can avoid situations where your content isn’t consistent with what your visitors are already seeing.

Remember that your website will change. That’s okay, but make sure you keep your page consistent and understand what your visitors are looking for.

Website Traffic

Your website traffic will increase if you learn how to acquire more visitors.

That’s because traffic will help you improve your conversion rate.

This way, you’ll have more time to improve your content.

Here are some things that will help:

Use long-tail keywords.

The focus should be on converting.

Focusing on conversions is important, but remember that the focus should always be on attracting customers.

If you focus on traffic, you’ll never grow.

For more information on conversion, check out this post.

Here’s the breakdown of how you can improve your traffic:

Do traffic optimization to get more visitors.

Use a content strategy to keep them interested.

Use smart personalization to increase your conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization

There’s a lot of information on what to do, but no one can give you a clear picture of the conversion rate. But, we can give you a few ideas:

Boost content to create more interactions.

Create a conversion funnel for your website.

Re-visiting the SEO Discussion

The approaches and strategies detailed above actually all fall in line with SEO, which is the important final piece of the puzzle. You’ll want to target localised SEO though. You don’t want to limit yourself to just one location though, although you should indeed focus first on your immediate locale.

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