What Mailroom Management Software Adds to Tenant Services

With the overall goal of resident satisfaction, tenant services lists have added the benefits of mailroom management software handling when it comes to the receipt and processing of parcels. As online shopping increases in popularity, building managers must find a way to speed up the process and improve secure tracking to keep the people ordering online happy. Although old-fashioned options like logbooks may work, PropTech options inject more efficiency and accessibility into the process.

Package Deliveries Increase While Tenant Access Decreases

During the height of Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns and social distancing orders, people who lived in multi-unit residential buildings were home to accept packages more often. As an ever-increasing number return to the offices and other workplaces, the front desk and mailroom employees become the premier actors in last-mile logistics. As parcel deliveries per person increase drastically, it is more important than ever before to make this process faster, easier, and overall, more convenient for every tenant.

Residents in a building you own or manage do not want to wait for their delivered goods. You do not want to be held responsible for the added stress that comes with delays or disruptions. PropTech options like mailroom management software virtually eliminates these risks and keeps tenants happier overall.

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The average number of parcel deliveries per person keeps going up as online shopping options improve.

Why Are More Parcels Arriving Every Day?

More than 130 billion boxes are shipped to individuals every day around the globe. No matter how large or small your residential property is, you undoubtedly have multiple parcels coming through the door from different shipping companies every day. Most tenant services coordinators and mailroom workers have noticed a marked upswing. The statistics do not lie.

The reasons behind this trend primarily come from two different things: the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in options for online shopping and delivery. First, more people want to stay home and away from others so they stay healthy. Second, retailers and high street shops of all types increase their delivery options to keep sales higher. It’s convenient, secure, and saves a lot of time for people with busy lifestyles.

Mailroom Management Software Satisfies All Tenant Needs and Wants

When it comes to receiving a parcel from an online shopping adventure, a friend halfway around the world, or an important business associate, nothing is more important than accuracy and speed. People want to get their goods as quickly as possible without worrying about mistakes or compromised security. This is what mailroom management software does.


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Impress tenants by using PropTech that cuts up to two hours of wasted time from their parcel receipt process.

The entire collection of tenants services offered by a particular building or rental group covers everything from swimming pools on the roof to late-night security. While an on-site workout center or complementary bike storage can improve some tenants’ experience, a well-managed parcel receipt and mailroom system benefits everyone. Boost site reputation, satisfy current resident needs, and entice new ones to empty units by adopting a mailroom management software program that handles everything for you.

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