WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress offers a large audience free management system which is a form of open writing content. WordPress includes several features like ‘Plugin Architecture, ‘Templates on different themes’, and many other unique systems. The WordPress management system is written in ‘PHP’ and is connected with ‘MariaDB’ and MySQL databases. WordPress gives you the freedom to build and maintain your websites.

In contrast to the features that WordPress offers, Wix is engaged in providing services regarding ‘web development. Wix is an Israel based company that offers their users different sites ( can be used on mobile phones) built using the tools and also have the feature to create ‘HTML5’ websites. Wix was founded in the year 2006 to offer professionals a platform to build websites easily.

User-friendly feature (Which of the two is easy to use or adapt?)

when compared based on being easy to use, Wix has the upper hand. Wix is considered one of the easiest forms of software available for building websites. Wix allows you to use the platform without any installation of software. You get the option of editing everything you need on your website with your existing browser. You also get the option to add many different functions on Wix.

In contrary to user-friendly Wix, WordPress is a bit of a mess when it comes to setting up the website. WordPress is popular for offering different plugins and extensions. It is not easy for a layman to build a website keeping in mind the complications the platform has. In order to use WordPress properly, a person does require slight knowledge of technical know-how. It becomes difficult to fix any technical problems that arise.

The pricing structure of both the platforms

Building a website is not very cost-effective looking at the competition in the market. The cost of any website depends on the number of features and qualities you add to it. Wix offers a free platform to build the website. Where a free platform adds an advantage to the users, the unavalability of a customised domain name also places a negative impact on the platform.

Similarly, WordPress is an open form of management service. Any user will be able to log in and make an account on this particular platform. The main stumbling block in the functioning of the whole platform is that a person needs to own their respective ‘domain name’ and ‘web hosting’.

Flexibility and Layout

Choosing templates is one of the most important factors while designing a website. The number of templates a platform offers decides the quality of the website made by the individual. Wix offers more than 1000 templates for free to users. These templates are divided into various categories, for example, restaurants, photographers comma and professional themes. Each category offers modern and unique kinds of templates that make the websites look different and attractive.

WordPress, however, will require you to modify certain templates and pay for them in case you like it. Some of the templates which are elegant and authentic will cost you between 35 to 60 dollars. Therefore, using WordPress to design your website will require knowledge about editing templates and might not be a good idea for a cost-effective option.  For truly custom designs or functionality it may be useful to hire a professional WordPress website design agency.

The option of modified ‘Online Store’

Wix Offers their users a separate online store category where the users will be able to choose between adequate options i.e. Payments, shipping options, automated taxes, and several other unique features which makes the platform different. However, this particular platform is continent rich and better for the websites of smaller business owners.

In contrary to Wix, WordPress offers enough options for all types of consumers. The problems which you face while building a website using Wix, you will not witness such problems on WordPress. You get the access to use different ‘Plugin’, which makes it unique and different. While you are writing your blogs or articles, you get access to use more than 50,000 ‘Plugins’ free of cost.


Wix and WordPress are the best performing website building platforms in the market. Wix on one hand offers user-friendly features to the customers whereas WordPress requires site technical know-how to build a website. Both the platforms have evolved over the period of time and offer their customers unique and different features. In the above-mentioned article, you will see a detailed comparison between the features offered by both platforms. Therefore, you can decide your go-to platform keeping in mind all the features and pros and cons of building a website through these platforms.

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